Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Realtors Association 10 Resolutions to get you in a new home for the new year...


#4 - Find a REALTOR! A REALTOR is different than an Agent. A REALTOR has a code of ethics that far exceeds staying within the law. Do you believe that the REALTOR you're working with can make a difference in your experience throughout the entire transaction? A buyer doesn't walk into the first house they see and buy it - why do they work with the first REALTOR they make contact with? That's what research shows... It's simple, you don't want to have to go through 100's of REALTORS just like you do for homes, so what can you do? You can google it, but that's still like spinning the roulette wheel - you never know what you're going to get. You can see who shows up on top of searches or real estate sites, but that just means they paid to be there, it doesn't qualify them in any other way.

Think about what you want in a REALTOR...knowledge of the market you're searching in... a strong arm to guide you through the entire process so nothing is missed...knowledge of conditions you are unfamiliar with; i.e., septic systems, wells, lake front/TVA, or basements...someone who is assertive, but not pushing you to buy because they need a commission... competent to see the deal through to closing. Translated, that means you need a REALTOR who has referrals or testimonials that give them a track record of fulfilling these needs. They should have a "testimonials" section on their web site and not two or three brief ones that a client may have felt pressured to do, but testimonials that show there was/is a true client relationship.

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