Sunday, January 27, 2013

REALTORS Rally - We fight for Private Property Rights! Heading to Atlanta!!!

Watch the video from Keith Hatcher, Georgia REALTORS Cheif Public Policy Officer

As REALTORS we not only list and sell your properties with ethics that exceed the industry standards, but we fight for private property rights. This is all paid for by REALTORS, not your tax dollars. A REALTOR is not the same as a Real Estate Agent, though Agents are governed by the Real Estate Commission, they do not have a Code of Ethics like REALTORs. Nor do they have ARPAC - Association of Realtors Political Action Committee - but our strength and presence helps all Real Estate Professionals.

Please be thinking of us this week as we rally at the capital in Georgia. I know at times giving up that real estate commission can seem like a lot, especially in these tough times, but we are here to help you in many more ways than you know - constantly fighting to protect your rights and keep the buying and selling process ethical, fair and a pleasurable experience.

Georgia is a great state to work and live in. Our profession is valued here, and with that, comes a value for YOUR private property rights.

Please forgive me for not being available on Tuesday as I will be at the Rally!!!!

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