Saturday, March 9, 2013

Green Willow Gifts in Hayesville, NC ~ A Gift for Everyone!

Green Willow Gifts takes it seriously when they say they have a gift for everyone! Miss Kay was wonderful! She walked around the store with me until we found the perfect gift. And, then she wrapped it - beautifully!

That's when I saw the beautiful finches and they had a nest with a baby bird in it!

I didn't think my photo came out very well so Tammie actually emailed me the photo from Miss Kay when she said she could get a better shot of the baby bird...

Miss Kay also sent me a photo of her horses! How beautiful!!

I enjoyed my first encounter with Green Willow Gifts and I look forward to the next one! Thank you so much Miss Kay for your time and assistance, true customer service. Then Tammie sending the photos - you two are what make living in the mountains the best!!!

3733 NC Highway 69 (It's Hwy 17 on the GA side)
Hayesville, NC (but just across the GA line)


  1. Green Willow Gifts sounds like a delightful shop! We'll have to stop in a visit them next time we're in Hayesville, NC.

    1. Yes, call me and I'll go with you! Your next closing you can get the closing gift from there - and they wrap for FREE!!!!