Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arctic Air Blast coming this way! Winter is here!

This beautiful New Year's Day 2012 is going to sink into freezing temperatures over the rest of the week. Highs of 32 and 30! Lows of 13 to 20! The good news is... freezing temperatures for a few days in a row will significantly help decrease the amount of mosquitoes and ticks/fleas in the summer! So, let's not complain, bundle up, and know this will benefit us come summer! It's tough on our water pipes, so make sure you have the water off or dropping, lights on in well houses, etc. All this cold and NO snow predicted. Locals have said it would be a mild winter for snow, but you never know. Mother Nature has her own plans! Stay warm! Remember to take extra care of your outdoor pets!


It's finally here! Beautiful day in Hiawassee, Georgia and surrounding areas! May it be a wonderful year for you and yours! I plan on it!!!