Friday, February 24, 2012

Sellers missed a good selling winter! Buyers bought!

No matter how many times I have told certain Sellers that winter is a good time to be on the market - they are stuck in the belief that "season" is a better time and they hold off and wait.  I also tell the Sellers that inventory is down in the winter (because other sellers drink the same cool-aid and keep their homes off the market) and that helps the Sellers who listen stand out.

Finally, the media is catching on to what I've been saying for the past three winters! Sellers who didn't listen have already missed out. Is it the blonde hair or what? I really do know my market and what I'm talking about. :)

Here's the reason for more sales in the winter: Buyers think it's "off-season" so they are buying in the winter. When in fact, it's the other way around now and the inventory is less.

I'm sorry you missed out! I told you so!

But, no worries - it is still SUPER BUSY! Working on 3 contracts this week!!! And many showings coming up.