Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is Anyone Else Tired of these Advertising Platforms acting like they're Real Estate sites???? called me the other day to advertise with them and when they showed me my area, only ONE company's listings came up for several pages. I told them they just wasted all the money they said they are spending on advertising because what CONSUMER is going to use a site that SELLS and FORCES consumers to ONLY VIEW ONE COMPANY'S LISTINGS???? If a CONSUMER wants one company's listings, wouldn't they go to that company site rather than this one?

All of these "outside real estate" sites are selling to Agents/Advertisers and lacking in the service they give to the consumer. CONSUMERS are probably better off going to a real REAL ESTATE site, not an advertising platform, right? THE CONSUMER DESERVES TO GET ALL OF THE ACCURATE AND FULL INFORMATION FREE OF FORCED VIEWING (SO PAID ADVERTISERS) get their product in front of them rather than what they are looking for!! Ads should go on banners and sides of pages, not be forced in the body to look like its real information! IS THIS FRAUD???? What's your take on it?

Here's in my area - which they said if I purchased what the other Agency had purchased then all of theirs would go below mine! Then the consumer would have to wade through all of our company listings and then the other company's listings before they could get to general listings in a price range order.

As of Sept. 18, 2013 - Hiawassee, GA

If you go to - if the listing agent doesn't PAY then consumers are FORCED in a very sneaky way to contact ALL of the Agents that do pay. See the link below. Mountain Realty is the listing company, because they don't pay all of the PAID ADVERTISERS are above the question box for a consumer to ask for information ABOUT THIS PROPERTY. To the left are small checks so that ALL OF THE PAID ADVERTISING AGENTS get the question from the consumer UNLESS the consumer sees all of those checks and unchecks them. I tried it, it goes to all of them. NOW, TRY TO FIND THE LISTING AGENT CONTACT INFO TO ASK THEM A QUESTION ABOUT THE PROPERTY? As a consumer, I should be able to ask a question of the listing agent or at least KNOW WHAT AGENT I'M CONTACTING??? As far as the search, it is the same as in that it comes up with all of the PAID ADVERTISERS listings first - how is this consumer friendly? Then, they can't contact the listing agent, they have to contact ALL PAID ADVERTISERS?? IS THIS FRAUD?

As an Agent, I complained and told they do not have my permission to put paid advertisers on my listings and force consumers to go somewhere unsolicited and they don't! Unless they can mask it that way when I look at it - so I have that link below - let me know if someone else comes up on my listings and if they put any paid agents, please!

Now, let's talk Zillow! They DON'T DO THAT and that is why they are the #1 site after REALTOR.COM. They have lots of other information that is incorrect, because they try to access value in our area and it is off. Is their assessment of value off in any other area? They pop up agents in front of you while you're trying to look at properties - this would make me annoyed with that agent, but at least it's not forced in a covert way like and is the best site, in my opinion, because it has ALL LISTINGS, ALL AGENTS, ALL AREAS, ALL MLS SYSTEMS!! Yes, Agents can purchase "enhanced listings" so they have a yellow screen, but the PAID ADVERTISERS do not eliminate every other listing from the consumers' view. Paid ADS go on banners and skyscrapers as it should be!

I think REALTORS should complain on those sites for BLOCKING their listings from the consumer in favor of PAID ADVERTISERS when they are presenting themselves as a consumer-based real estate forum to the public. I think CONSUMERS should complain to these sites for misleading them. Would consumers who have worked with the FORCED AGENTS and had any bad dealings, be able to hold these sites accountable? Or, if they missed a better opportunity or property because they were forced with pages and pages of only ONE companies listings?

I think there are some possible legal issues, but as REALTORS and consumers, let's be aware and protect each other from outside sources that try to not only prosper from our hard work and the American Dream, but corrupt them!

Leave a comment if you have any opinion in the matter...

Saturday, September 14, 2013


In the high times Agents were banging on this seller's door begging them to sell their home for $700,000. I had it listed at $399,900 originally and it was listed at $369,900 when it went under contract. I received well over 100 phones calls, text inquiries, internet interests and multiple showings. This property is not only ON deep water with a CURRENT dock permit, it's on a cove where you don't get a lot of traffic noise from the lake. It's also close enough that you can walk to town, on a dead-end street, and the lot is absolutely gorgeous with mature landscaping and a gentle slope. That said, the home was built in 1979 and no updates had been done. Still, a total steal - the lot was worth $325,000! But, only one buyer had the sense and the vision (and was able to get the money) so it's their home now!

MLS Sold buyer sheet:

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Text Link:

SOLD! Prices going up?? I don't think those are the ones that are selling??

This home was currently listed at $189,900 and the seller took the first offer for $165,000!!! It was a second home like many in our area. Nice neighborhood with similar homes in Young Harris, GA.

MLS Sold buyer sheet:

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SOLD! Sellers paid $325,000 for it straight from builder, then had to do $35,000 in engineer repairs!

$360,000 in seller investment and it just sold for $175,000!!!
Previously I had it sold for $200,000 and an inspection found $35,000 in builder defects that the seller had to resolve on their own and thus this final buyer ended up with an ENGINEER CERTIFIED HOME on top of the already existing value!!! This buyer was smart enough to take the value. It is a steep approach at the top of the mountain and wasn't for chickens, but for eagles!! Deer or Fox, too... :)
Current listing price was $194,900 when it sold. Furnishings were excluded and sold separately in this transaction.
TWO lake home buyers who looked at the furnishings stated that they might have given up the lake for these views!!!

SOLD buyer sheet from the MLS:

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It costs $85,000,000,000 a month to keep interest rates down for you!!!
This can not last. The Fed will announce on September 18th just how much they are going to start reducing it each month. They use the word "taper" but realize that means by Spring 2014 real interest rates will appear and that will mean much less house for your money. So, whether you are buying or selling, get off the fence and call me today!!! Mary Lynn Durfee 706.835.7616