Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I don't get why people are so offended with Jesus Christ???


Sinners should have no problem with Jesus, he hung out with them, ministered to them, told others not to judge them, he even told the religious that these would get into heaven before they did... and he ultimately became the best friend they ever had by being the only person who ever loved them unconditionally and saw potential in them when no one else did/would. I am included in this group. You probably are as well.

World Governments should leave him alone, the same way he left them alone. Never once did he speak out against the governments or the leaders of this world. They have their time and their time will end. He clearly said his kingdom is NOT of this world. He is NOT in competition with this world. He cares for the individual; he came to gather his sheep. He did not come for the wolves.

Schools are not responsible for spiritual instruction – I don’t know one school he ever mentioned. He instructed parents to teach their children about him and all things Spiritual – no one else. No school or institution can restrict prayer within our hearts to him. Any offense like the one at FAU linked above should discredit the school from any funding because their agenda has now become religious, biased, and thus corrupt. They are anti-promoting and that is just as religious as promoting.

Gays & Lesbians should not be an issue in the church – Jesus made it known how he feels and deals with sexual immorality with the woman in adultery. He clearly said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” and that put EVERYONE OUT OF THE GAME - then and now. NON-VICTIM SEX is not an issue of politics, religion, news, school, etc. NOW, we are making it a severe judgment by constantly discussing it, defining it and designating it as a “class”. Those who speak “for” it and those who speak “against” it – either way – we have now thrown the first stone and the judgment comes. Father forgive us for we know not what we do. Love covered a multitude of sins, but we have chosen to refuse love, uncover our nakedness and call it a beautiful wardrobe and insist on judgment instead of grace.

Atheists use all of their resources to argue that which does not exist to them and so be it. They actually prick the conscience of the apostate and motivate the apathetic. The lost were already lost. The saved do not forget God from any of their propaganda, so they actually perpetuate the cause they appear to go against.

Religious people who are contrary to him and all he stood/stands for - he constantly rebuked - yet they are the ones using his name today and finding no offense, but causing many. It's a big business and to many their god is not the Heavenly Father and His Christ. The world doesn't need to judge them, their Judge is coming.

Satan has every right to be terrified of God and Jesus Christ. I’m sure that every mention of their name in Spirit and in Truth is like salt in a wound and a GREAT OFFENSE to him. Thus, anyone who is offended at Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God and Him Who sits on the Throne, is representing and operating under this spirit, no matter what laws or "rights" they preach.

I just wish everyone would stop picking on my Brother or making him out to be someone he is not. He has done nothing against them; everything he has done is for them. Thank you.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm among the top 4% most-read reviewers of all time, according to TripAdvisor!

I have a blast writing reviews of all the places I go!
I am a writer, after all, before I ever was a REALTOR!

The two meld together nicely. As a REALTOR I want to be known in the community as someone who is aware of what is going on, who cares about and is a pro-active participant in the community.

It's nice to get a "thank you" from TripAdvisor!!!
I just had to share it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Green Willow Gifts in Hayesville, NC ~ A Gift for Everyone!

Green Willow Gifts takes it seriously when they say they have a gift for everyone! Miss Kay was wonderful! She walked around the store with me until we found the perfect gift. And, then she wrapped it - beautifully!

That's when I saw the beautiful finches and they had a nest with a baby bird in it!

I didn't think my photo came out very well so Tammie actually emailed me the photo from Miss Kay when she said she could get a better shot of the baby bird...

Miss Kay also sent me a photo of her horses! How beautiful!!

I enjoyed my first encounter with Green Willow Gifts and I look forward to the next one! Thank you so much Miss Kay for your time and assistance, true customer service. Then Tammie sending the photos - you two are what make living in the mountains the best!!!

3733 NC Highway 69 (It's Hwy 17 on the GA side)
Hayesville, NC (but just across the GA line)

Blairsville Cinema playing OZ in 3D with incredible digital sound!!!

Hint, hint - and my birthday wish to go see it and get the best popcorn and pretzels in the area!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Towns County Farmers Market Needs Produce!!!! Opening June 15th!!!

This came today in my email from
Towns County Chamber of Commerce janeholland@brmemc.net

As the Towns County Farmers Market enters its second year, it is extending its outreach to small family gardens along with the larger farms to bring locally grown produce to its weekly market. Many small gardens end up with more produce than they can manage, and this is the perfect place to sell the extra "garden goodies" and be a part of a growing enterprise. Local Farmers Markets are sought after in our area by the huge influx of summer visitors, as well as residents who do not have gardens. The Towns Market provides an additional option for growers who are already selling at our established area markets, and have an abundance of produce to sell. The big sellers last year were early lettuce, tomatoes, corn, and a variety of other vegetables. This year, plant more than you need, and let your teenager make extra cash and learn skills of salesmanship and customer service; or bring it yourself and enjoy the beautiful setting next to the public beach on Lake Chatuge, across from the Fairgrounds. Anticipated opening date for the market is June 15, 2013 and it will remain open through the fall; actual hours of operation will be announced by May. There is NO FEE to participate in the market; the only requirement is that your produce be locally grown.

The Market is operated under the sponsorship of the Towns County Extension Office of the University of Georgia. For more information call 706.896.2024.

Blairsville Cinema Goes 3D!!!

Not only do they have the best popcorn and pretzels, but now they have movies in 3D! We saw Jack the Giant Slayer and it was spectacular. I don't know that we would have loved the movie as much if it wasn't in 3D, doesn't matter now - we're addicted and we can't wait to see The Wizard of Oz in 3D!!!

Blairsville Cinema
38 Backyard Lane, Blairsville, GA - (706) 745-1000
It's located on Hwy 515 next to the bowling alley and across the street from Aspen Fireplaces and Durfee Custom Cabinets http://durfeecustomcabinets.com/

Buyers or Sellers on the fence? Interest Rates ARE Going to Go Up!!!

I think we're good until the end of the year - 4.4% is still a very good rate. But, I think by Spring 2014 we will have another giant leap in rates. If you have cash to purchase a home, you may think you're in a good position and you would be, but is it not better to finance at a low rate and then keep your money in the bank when the rates go up? Just a thought. For Sellers, it's time to make a deal work and not hold on for a few more bucks, because the interest rate going up means prices going down for you...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sun is shining again after the snow yesterday! And the deer are grazing!

Of course the shady spots still have the snow! I love the woods in the winter with the ground cover of snow! It's so easy to see into the woods - it lights them up! The snow has melted in the open, sunny areas. The deer came through the woods, to the corn, across the creek and out into the field. There are 13 of them - it makes my day to see them! I hope it makes yours, too!