"The most outstanding Realtor I have come in contact with! Without Mary Lynn, we would not have purchased a home in the mountains. Not only is her professionalism and ability to work with her clients beyond ordinary, but she also became a friend.

Teri & Rollin Cable
Young Harris, GA"

"We could not of asked for a more dedicated, caring professional than Mary Lynn. She e-mailed us everything that met our specifications for a second home in the mountains. With Mary Lynn's guidance, we made an offer that was accepted. She kept on top of the entire process and even found an error at closing that saved us money!

Charley & Julie Andrews
Hayesville, NC"

We had seriously been looking for our "cabin in the woods" in the north Georgia mountains for over two years. We tried the internet as a research tool. It was woefully inadequate, and very disappointing. A few pictures don’t tell the whole story, and we didn’t understand the language. Our greatest problem was that we didn’t know the territory. When we went there and searched without assistance, we only wasted time and money. One evening we picked up a catalog and saw an advertisement for Mary Lynn Durfee. Contained in the ad was a testimonial that caused us to think she was exactly what we were looking for. We called immediately, and she went to work - for us - that evening. The very next day she showed us homes that perfectly matched our criteria. Knowing the territory as she did, we were able to do more in one day than in the previous two years. We were almost overwhelmed with the information and options. We went home without making a purchase, but very hopeful that we soon would.

Mary Lynn asked us if we would like for her to send us e-mails that contained other homes that matched our criteria. For the next couple of months we thought that she must surely be working solely for us. Then we saw a house in one of the e-mails that really caught our eye and imagination. A call to Mary Lynn put everything in motion. Rather than just show us the one house, she had arranged to show several if we wished. Her guidance and knowledge was exquisite. And this time, we found exactly the place we were looking for.

Mary Lynn Durfee is the consummate real estate agent. She is a fount of knowledge, has genuine concern for her clients’ desires, and is efficient and thorough. Moreover, Mary Lynn is an honest professional with great integrity. We found her to be a cut above all other agents that we had known and worked with.

Once we had made the decision to purchase, Mary Lynn handled hundreds of details for us. She didn’t allow us to overlook anything of importance. I thought everyone in Blairsville must work for her, as there were no questions that could not be answered quickly. From the time we began our search with her until we first stepped into our dream home, she was the perfect agent. She gained our res eets, listing all good and bad comments to help us make our decision later. We left the next morning promising to go over all of our notes.

We kept in contact with Mary Lynn and scheduled another visit in February, 2010. Mary Lynn was very concerned about us driving up because our visit was during the beautiful snow that arrived! We came up February 12, 2010! Mary Lynn called us twice during our trip to check on us! We made it and she came to pick us up the next morning. Once again, she drove us all over the place looking at property. If at any time, we or she found something that didn’t look quite right about a cabin, she reviewed it and either cautioned us about buying it or let us know that the issue was no big deal. We came to trust her knowledge and honesty. She definitely knows more than most realtors do about construction, water damage, electrical issues, etc. This time we thought we found our prize cabin! We decided to heavily consider making an offer and advised Mary Lynn that we would think about it on the way home. Just as we were entering our city, we received a telephone call from Mary Lynn advising that the cabin we were interested in was under contract! Mary Lynn guided us through the whole process of making our own offer, dealing with a short sale, etc. She dealt with the selling realtor on our behalf as well. We also had a second choice, so rather than deal with our favorite cabin, we made an offer on our second choice-a short sale too! Mary Lynn continued to send us properties that met our requirements (we had a few new requirements by this point!).

We spent the next few weeks going over the MLS sheets that we were sent. We came up with about 15 more properties that interested us. Mary Lynn had been cautioning us that the market may pick up at any point and that Springtime was a favorite time for interested buyers to visit the area. We felt like we had found some very cool places so we planned another quick trip up during the middle of March, 2010.

The trip in March, 2010 was outstanding! Mary Lynn was so excited and her excitement spilled over to us! She said that the hardest thing we will be dealing with on this trip is which cabin to pick! She said that pretty much all of what we chose this time were up-scale, great deals and great cabins! Well, let us tell you, she was absolutely correct! Once again, we spent a full day looking. This time we focused only on Blairsville. Around 5 pm, we pulled up in front of her office. We sat in her vehicle and she made us pick out our top 2. She suggested that we drive ourselves to our top 2 and take another look. We took her suggestion and made our decision. We went out to eat and then went back to our motel room and called her to discuss our offer. She suggested that we meet her at her office the next morning. Oh, did we mention that not only was the next morning a Sunday, but it was her Birthday! She had plans with her family that made a two day trip to visit. We met, completed the paperwork and headed home. On the way home, Mary Lynn called us and said that the seller made a counter offer. She guided us through this process, we counter offered and the seller accepted!

Mary Lynn scheduled the home inspection and she did the walk through with the inspector. A few issues were discovered, she contacted the builder, met the builder and was present when the issues were corrected, returned with the home inspector to re-inspect the corrections and kept us informed the entire time. She scheduled the closing, came to the closing, advised us where to go for all our new home needs (propane, locksmith, furniture, etc.). She even came out to our beautiful cabin the day AFTER closing to assist us with a minor "problem" we discovered when we were cleaning our cabin. She assisted us with getting the issue resolved even though, technically, her job was done at closing!

Mary Lynn wanted a picture of us in front of our cabin but we wanted her in the picture too! Mary Lynn helped us achieve our dream.


Mark and Karen Trammell
Tallahassee, Florida"

"We currently live in Florida and we started looking for a home in the North Georgia mountains long before the current real estate conditions existed. We met Mary Lynn at one of the homes we were interested in buying back in 2007. We immediately felt very comfortable with her and knew we would like to use her for our real estate agent. Unfortunately the deal on that particular home did not work out for us.

Two years went by and this past winter we decided to try again to buy a home up there. A miracle happened because Mary Lynn actually got in touch with us prior to us contacting her. Our original focus was in the Blue Ridge area but Mary Lynn exposed us to the beauty of Young Harris. We only spent one day looking at homes and low and behold Mary Lynn showed us a home that turned out to be the home that we did purchase. Mary Lynn did an excellent job navigating us through this process, which we all know can be very emotional. With us being in Florida, Mary Lynn used her expertise and went out of her way to make sure that this transaction went very smoothly and was excecuted in a very professional manner. We never ventured to Young Harris before and not knowing where to turn for all the needed resources, Mary Lynn supplied us with a list of contacts every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Mary Lynn for all your real estate needs. We have begun a friendship that I know will last for years to come.

Marty & Cindy Hayden
Young Harris, GA"

"OH! I'm SO Sorry! Have I forgotten to tell you that Marie and I think you are doing a great job!

We have not seen a Real Estate Agent take SO MUCH interest in doing everything possible to make a sale appealing to a perspective buyer. The photos, the descriptions and directions and the research you are doing and have done, touches us, and shows us what a conscientious person you are.

Thank you again for ALL YOUR EFFORTS!!

Marie and Gary Peterson"

"Mary Lynn, you're a sweetheart. Wish you could be cloned so all Realtors would ahve your integrity, passion for the business and clarity of thought. So far, you've been the best Realtor we've ever had, and we've been through a bunch!! Thank YOU for being so efficient and delightful to work with."

Dr. & Mrs. Roy Smith, Hiawassee, GA

"Efficient, honest, courteous, thorough, helpful and friendly. Ojne doesn't usually use these words when talking about real estate people. Other realtors would not even return our phone calls when we were looking to buy a small and inexpensive lot. (Not enough commission.) Mary Lynn worked with us through the whole process. We have recommended her to other people and all have had good results whether buying or selling."

David & Janet Cummings, Warne, NC

"Mary Lynn SOLD our house within 3 days of it going on the market at a much higher price than we had originally anticipated. She was so easy to work with and always had our interest in mind. She is definitely a "keeper". We would use her again!"
Rosa & Eddie Fite, Young Harris, GA